6 Apps That Make Managing E-Mail Easy

Even if you don’t get hundreds of messages a day, most people feel some frustration with e-mail. Here are several good apps that can help.


Email can be a real problem—reading it all, responding in a timely manner, keeping the inbox uncluttered and organizing messages so they can be retrieved later, if need be.

And even if you don’t get hundreds of messages a day, most people feel some frustration with email, particularly if you’re trying to deal with it when you’re away from your computer.

For me, nothing is more bothersome than having to respond to a critical message using my phone. Instead of tapping an important reply on my handset’s tiny keyboard or using Android’s speech-to-text (which inevitably messes up what I’m trying to say), what I’d rather do is send a pre-written response alerting the sender I’m currently working on something that prevents me from replying immediately. Then, ideally, I’d like to receive that important missive later, when I’m back at my computer and keyboard and ready to give it the attention it deserves.

The good news is there are several good apps for iOS and Android that let you do such things, and more. Here are a few to check out.

This article was written by Christina DesMarais and originally appeared on Techlicious.

Read more: http://techland.time.com/2013/03/28/6-apps-that-make-managing-email-easy/#ixzz2Q7iFTsvg


  • Simple. Really simple. She hits us in the lede with her angle – that emails are tough sometimes because of blah, blah, blah and blah.
  • Personal. You relate to her. She runs through her own thought processes (which presumably resonate with her readers – cos she knows her demographics!)

Could be better: 

  •  It’s quite flat. Where’s the wit? Some humor would help break the monotony of reading functions and processes and ‘how the app works’.

How To Find an Angle for Your Next Article or Post

I know very well that it can be difficult to cover a story, an event or even a designer collection in a way that hasn’t been done already. Unless you are blessed with an ability to source news as it happens, and bang out a post before anyone else knows what’s what, it can be difficult to set yourself apart from the rest.

Why Should I Care?

You must think from the perspective of your readers. If you are covering an event or topic in much the same way as those that have gone before you, what is in it for them? If they could choose between reading the same story presented in the same way, versus the essence of that same story presented in an entirely new way, they are going to choose the later – almost every time. It matters!

What Can I Do?

The key to fresh and unique content is finding new ways to present information. Another way to look at this is, finding a unique angle from which to tackle a particular event, topic or story. This isn’t always easy, but finding an effective story angle that allows you to put your spin on things in a way that your readers will enjoy really is the way forward.

Here is the question that you need to ask yourself when you are sitting down to write: Will my readers find this interesting, entertaining, informative, or USEFUL?

It you cannot answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions (and if your story has been done to death, then you probably shouldn’t be saying ‘yes’), then it may be time to find a new way to approach that topic.

How Can I Find An Angle?

These are a few questions and points to consider when searching for a new way to approach and present a particular story. These do work for me, and I often find that after running through this list I’ve generated a number of ideas for approaching that story that I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.

Think Relevance

Why should/would your readers care about this story? If you can answer this question then you should have a clearer idea about what it is about the story that is actually important.

Think: Impact

Rather than just relay events, ask: How might this impact my readers? Then, write from that angle.

It’s in the Details

Take note of the details, is there anything that jumps out at you as being particularly interesting or out of the ordinary? Sometimes the smallest odd detail can be spun out into its own story.

Innovation and Newness

Rather than try and cover an entire story, can you find something (perhaps even just a small tidbit) that is innovative or hasn’t been done before? Focus on it.

Relate it Back to Current Events

You may be able to relate some stories back to a current news affair, either locally or globally. Putting a local twist on a global story, or vice versa, can keep things interesting and unique.

Get a Prominent Third Party in on It

Can you get a quote or opinion from a recognized person, or a person who is knowledgeable in this area? You might not be able to ask them yourself, but perhaps you can find something they’ve said on a similar issue and incorporate it into your story. Just be careful not to take things too far out of context.

Tie it to a Trend

Can you tie something about this story to a current trend? This is especially useful for covering runway and designer collection type stories.

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It’s a dog eat dog world

Excuse me Sir, are you a Rupert?

It begins with an impossibly cute dog called Boo. Ever heard of him?

He’s a Pomeranian, owned by god-knows-who, and does god-knows-what. What does any of this even matter?

Well, this mutha-fucking, tiny-ass dog has 6.4 million likes on Facebook. O to the M to the G.

It’s as though every other person that passed through Changi Airport last year went on Facebook and liked his furry-faced page. The power Boo holds in his tiny paws is palpable. He could post a blank picture and easily, almost too easily, get at least ten thousand likes.

So it got me thinking. We’ve got a dog right here in the office, and his name is Rupert. OK, it’s a human name, though he’s got more in common with Snoop Dogg than the rest of humanity combined. The dude, I’m pretty sure, is just stoned out of his mind on an almost continuous basis. I’m talking about the dog of course.

He just lies there, on the floor, oblivious to the maelstrom of activity around him. Poke him, prod him, and his response is to flutter his eyelids and fall asleep.

So, on one hand, i’m inspired by this marvel of creation – Boo. On the other hand, I’ve got a pot-smoking dog, strung out 24/7, and largely immobile.

Herein lies the beauty of humanity. It’s why I thank Him (or Her? or It?) for giving us this gelatinous mass of cells that sits, well padded, in our thick skulls. If Rupert isn’t giving me anything to work with, well, I’ll do the work for him!

I discovered, mostly out of boredom, that Rupert is one potential-laden canine. He’s like a crazed suicide-bomber with 10 kilotons of C4 (that is, cute to the power of 4) strapped to his waist, screaming ‘AAARFFFFF!!!!!’ as he charges into a crowd of young women. All I did was upload a few (unspectacular) pictures of him on my Instagram account and Lo, “Let there be Likes”.

Now, we’re not talking Bieber-level likes. But for my mediocre, 10-likes-per-sunset-photo Instagram account, suddenly hitting the big time with an average of 20-25 likes per-Rupert photo was monumental.

Crawl before you Ball

So says Yeezy. And it’s true. I looked at Rupert, sprawled on the floor, his tongue splayed in the most adorable fashion, and I got it. The Dude needed a Facebook page. And Lo! He already had one, created by someone eons ago, but mostly un-maintained and filled with completely random, un-thought through and blurry pictures of him. Most depressing of all – 60 fans.

And then came the turning point – the office Christmas party. Alexis took the most incredible photo of Rupert, asleep (as usual), but with beer cans about his face. He looked like a complete baller. And his page EXPLODED. 71 likes. 71! I doubt I’ve had 71 haircuts in my lifetime.


I knew then, that for my little bro to succeed, I would have to do ALL the work for him.

I stalked the little dude. I knew his habits, and his preferences, and his ‘style’. Which is to say, you can literally do anything to him, and his likely response is to fall asleep.

The next step was to give him a voice – contributed by the Contentoes, and with an increasing level of success. Rupert needed a make-over, a persona, a Voice. We made him Rupert Gosling – chick magnet extraordinaire.




A couple of weeks of staggered posts and artfully (LOL) crafted replies to wall posts, and the Dude climbed from a measly 60 fans to, now, 233. I’m guessing they’re mostly women, but hey, Rupert eats chicks for breakfast.

For now, the Contentoes are pleased. We’re sticking with this strategy for the time being, so stay tuned for updates on Sir Rupert, the most popular sleeping dog in the world.